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As part of an application for insurance, you must consent to Cumby Insurance Inc. collecting, using and disclosing personal information required for purposes of considering an application for new or renewal of your car or home insurance.


Cumby Insurance Inc. is authorized to use this information to procure terms for life and financial services; establishing and maintaining communications with you; verifying your identity and the accuracy of your Personal Information with government agencies, industry associations, brokers or insurers; analyzing and assessing risks on a prudent basis; determining and facilitating your payment of fees and premiums; investigating and paying claims; detecting and preventing fraud or other illegal activities; compiling statistics; complying with the law or the requests of law enforcement agencies or regulators; and notifying you or allowing our affiliated companies to notify you of certain products or services offered by us, or our affiliated companies.


Cumby Insurance Inc. is authorized to collect, use, keep and disclose personal information and provide such personal information to third parties, as required, including insurance companies.  Cumby Insurance Inc. may also be required or permitted to disclosure such personal information pursuant to relevant privacy laws or other laws.


If you wish to review personal information pertaining to your application or policy maintained by Cumby Insurance Inc., obtain copies of Cumby Insurance Inc. privacy policies or standards, or make other enquiries or express concerns, you may do so by contacting Cumby Insurance Inc. Privacy Officer.  The Privacy Officer is Patti-Lou Cumby, President, Cumby Insurance Inc.

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We help you in the event of a claim

If you have a claim and the claim starts going south (going in the wrong direction), most brokers send you to the claims office. But, what happens if you need help and your adjuster or the claims manager won’t help. Call us! We will help you! You can count on us.


We have helped multiple clients that have had this experience. Sometimes a body shop is being difficult or maybe you are having problems with a contractor.


We only deal with insurance companies that have a good reputation with handling claims. But, the insurance companies cannot control all aspects of your claim at all times.


We build relationships with our clients

We know our clients names and we care about your story. We don’t only go to work and help people; our clients are an integral part of our day and our lives.


The relationships we have with our clients is why we are so passionate about what we do! Our clients are the reason why we enjoy going to work each day.


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We do.

Patti-Lou Cumby

Founder, Cumby Insurance Inc.


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As part of an application for insurance, you must consent to Cumby Insurance Inc. collecting, using and disclosing personal information required for purposes of considering an application for new or renewal of your insurance policy. Read our full

Privacy Statement

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  • AUTO


    We deal with trusted insurance companies that are very well known for their high level of claims service.

    We will help you customize a package that is tailored to your personal needs. We will explain the various auto coverage’s available so that you understand and feel confident with your auto policy.


    New business discount

    Multi vehicle

    Dual policy

    Low mileage

    Retired discount

    Continuous insurance

    Special Coverage’s Available if you qualify

    Accident waiver coverage



    Something to think about:

    What would happen if you had an accident in the parking lot after buying your groceries? Most parking lot

    accidents are split 50-50. So, each driver is 50% at fault for the accident .


    Do you have “accident waiver” coverage to protect your rates?

     If not, your rates will increase for the next six years!



    As a business owner, you want to protect your business. We can help you protect your business by offering a comprehensive business package.

    We will help you understand the coverage’s and pick the coverage’s that are best suited to your business.

    We have several commercial markets that are well known for their great coverage’s and competitive prices. We get to know your business and your location so we can help you protect your business.





    Something to think about:

    What if a major piece of your equipment in your commercial building caught on fire?


    Could you replace this piece of equipment right away? If not, are you covered for “Equipment Breakdown”?


    Are you covered for “Business Interruption”?

  • HOME


    We want to provide you with the very best coverage for your biggest investment at a competitive price.

    We will explain the optional coverage’s and help you build a custom package that is developed especially for your home. We will make sure that you receive the best claims service possible if a claim occurs.


    Claims free

    Mortgage free

    Non smoker

    Alarm system

    Multi line

    Age discount

    New home


    Septic discount

    Multi line property discount



    Something to think about:

    How much jewellery do you have in your home?


    If your house was broken into tomorrow, would you have

    enough coverage to replace all of your jewellery?


    If you have a sewer backup claim, do you have a limitation

    on how much they will pay for your sewer back up claim?


    Do you know how much your deductible is?

  • LIFE


    We have over 12 trusted life insurance companies available with various products including term, whole life products, universal life, critical illness, disability products and more.

    It is very important to protect your family and to have “peace of mind”. We will help you protect your family by explaining your options and letting you choose the coverage that is best for you.

    We have many years of experience and we take the time to sit with our clients and discuss this very important coverage with you in great detail.

    There are many term options available: 10, 20 and 30 year term.



    Something to think about:

    Would your family miss your monthly income if you were

     killed in a car accident tomorrow on your way home from work?


    Could they afford to live the same lifestyle and pay their monthly bills without your income?



    Travel insurance can protect you while traveling. It can be devastating if you need expensive medical attention while on your holiday and you do not have proper coverage.

    We have flexible and affordable insurance plans that cover for the following:

    Travel medical insurance

    Trip cancellation

    Trip interruption

    Baggage insurance

    We also have plans available for the following:

    Visitors to Canada

    Plan for Canadian residents

    Canadian Students

    International students



    Something to think about:

    How much would it cost if you had to go to the hospital for

    mild food poisoning while on holidays in another country?


    Or, how much would it cost for something more

    serious like a stroke or a heart attack?


Sales Leader, Fifth Avenue Collection

"I am so glad to have moved to Cumby Insurance for almost a year now."


I've always had my questions answered thoroughly and feel like we have the right coverage for all our needs as a family. Our rates even went DOWN this year so more savings in our pocket. Thank you for making it easier to understand what and why we pay the insurance we do. It feels great knowing we can trust the company and feel confident with your knowledge.


Eager Beaver Moving

"Peace of mind is important when you are talking insurance coverage."


I have now been a client of Patti-Lou's for a year, and let me tell you, I hated insurance brokers until I came here. It was such a pain to call in and ask questions, or see if I was covered for this or that situation. Dealing with Patti-Lou and Carly at Cumby Insurance is a completely different experience. They are always there to answer questions, add or remove vehicle coverage, and fight for you during the claims process. I recently had a theft issue on one of my newest trucks, and for the first time ever had to make a claim and Patti-Lou guided me through it and made me feel comfortable the whole time, like it wasn't the end of the world. Peace of mind is important when you are talking insurance coverage, I guess that's the whole point, and you definitely get that as a client of Patti-Lou. Keep up the great work!


The Dojo

"I love working with a person I can trust."


Patti Lou has a way of making it all seem to make sense. She is focused on each client as if you're her best one. And I love working with a person I can trust.